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Shank Adapter T38-500mm for HLX5/HLX5T drifter ( Jumpo Sandvik DD210)

Code No.: HLX5/HLX5T-T38-500
Thread Type: T38
Length: 500mm
Rock Drill Type: HLX5/HLX5TSteel
Code: 23CrNi3Mo
Hardness: HRC54-57
Carburizing Thickness: 1.2MM-1.4MM
Rock Drill Manufacturer: Sandvik/Tamrock DD210, SHANK FOR HLX5 DRIFTER (FOR (JUMBO) MMC 375, S268M38SFAGH2Z
Advantage: Use special Electroslag 23CrNi3Mo with higher purity and longer service life

Shank Adapters cover world main drill rigs brands and drifter as follows : - Atlas Copco (COP1238, COP1840, COP1638, COP1838, COP2150, COP2550, COP2160, COP2560)

- Furukawa (HD609, HD709, HD612, HD712)

- Sandvik (HL500, HL600, HL700, HL800, HL1000, HL1500, HLX5/HLX5T)

- Ingersoll Rand (YH65, YH70, YH80, YH60, YH135)

- Montabert (HC109, HC158, HC120, HC150, HC80)


    shank adapters for most models of current prevailing rock drill machines. All shank adapters are carburized, CNC manufactured, and made from premium steel. Thus ensure them with superior toughness and anti-fatigue strength to meet the most demanding drilling conditions. Moreover, all shanks could be produced with ether male or female threads as per customer\'s requirement.

HLX5/HLX5T-T38-500 Shank Adapter:

   Male shank adapters are generally better suited for drifting, tunneling and extension applications where high bending stresses are present. While female shank adapters are used when the drilling space is limited and the total feed length is important, for example underground roof bolting.

    The task of the shank adapter is to transmit rotation torque, feed force, impact energy and flushing medium to the drill string (extension drill rods, drifting drill steels).

    shank adapters are there fore designed to with stand the high impact power of modern rock drills and made from specially selected material which also is hardened through cauterizing. Around 300 different shank adapters suitable for different rock drills are currently available from Atlas Copco series drifters, Sandvik, Tam rock series drifters, Garden Diver series drifters etc.

HLX5HLX5T-T38-500 (4)

Two flushing options of shank adapters: internal or external

— Internal flushing uses a water tube that fits through the center of the drill and into an o-ring seal in the end of the shank, to transfer flushing into the drill string

— External flushing, holes or a slot are required in the side of the shank adapter.These line up between seals inside the front head or water box of the rock drill, when the shank is installed. Flushing medium is supplied directly to this device and is introduced into the drill string through the shank

— External flushing is considered superior to internal flushing, as greater volumes of flushing agent can be delivered with less risk of leakage and hammer damage from water

The shanks for hydraulic drills and some pneumatic drills have external or front head flushing. Hydraulic shanks generally have at least 5 to 14-spline configuration, Pneumatic shanks tend to have internal or through flushing and can generally be identified by their lugs or 4-spline configuration.

HLX5HLX5T-T38-500 (5)

T38-500 Shank Adapter for Sandvik/Tamrock Rock Drill HLX5/HLX5T DD210 packaging:

HLX5HLX5T-T38-500 (6)

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Manufacturer, Exporter





Packing details:

Plastic/Wooden case

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7 days after get payment

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T/T , Western Union, money gram, L/C at   sight


Foundation piling. Quarry, mining, soil   nailing, water well drilling, tunneling and etc.


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