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Kuangbao mining machine co.,ltd. is a dedicated exporting company with a specialization in the manufacturing, supply, and services of rock drilling tools. With ownership of real and direct factories encompassing forging, metal processing plants, heat treatment workshops, numerical control plants, our manufacturing equipment stands among the top-grade and first-class in the world. Our professional technical team and skilled workforce ensure that the quality of rock tools products remains stable, reliable, and guarantees fast delivery.

And at kuangbao, we’ve created a culture where passion for innovation can thrive. It all starts with people. Adhering to our core values of "serving with speed, driving change, and respecting everyone," Kuangbao strives to be your most trusted mining equipment supplier. We look forward to joining hands with you to create a prosperous future with Kuangbao.

Our commitment to a high-standard quality management system and strict management control ensures the stability and reliability of our products. In the domestic market, our product quality holds a leading position, with some products meeting the standards of world-famous brands. With our strong technical force, we are dedicated to building the best brand of drilling tools in China and aspire to become a world-class manufacturer in the field. Our main products cover tapered drilling tools (drill bits, drill rods, integral drill steels, and plughole rods), threaded drilling tools (drill bits, reaming bits, drill rods, couplings sleeves, and shank adaptors), DTH drilling tools (DTH bits, DTH hammers, and drill pipes), furnace tapping tools, cutters, hydraulic drifters, etc. These products find extensive use in open-pit mining, underground mining, tunneling, quarrying, geothermal exploitation, furnace tapping, transportation, construction, tunnel construction, and hydropower projects.

The company boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, and advanced processing equipment, enhancing the precision of our products. Our multi-purpose automatic control furnace, 2.5 meters in diameter deep well furnace, and other heat treatment equipment ensure the reliability of our products. International top detection equipment, such as ultrasonic flaw detectors, further strengthens the excellent quality of our products.

As a China Steel Association director unit, we uphold the service concept of "focus on the user's needs and meet the needs of the customers." We flexibly utilize unique technology, strictly adhere to ISO9001 quality system standards, and are professionally committed to research, development, and application. We sincerely provide rock drilling tools with the most specifications, convenient operation, reliable quality, and competitive prices for global users.

Kuangbao is committed to continuous technological innovation and product development to meet the evolving demands of the global mining industry. Plans include expanding our product lines to cover more sectors and enhancing overall product performance and durability. In the future, Kuangbao aims to strengthen its global strategy, collaborate with industry leaders, and expand market share. With keen market insights and a flexible corporate culture, we are poised to meet the challenges of the mining equipment sector and provide customers with superior solutions.

Threaded blade bits are divided into threaded cross bits and threaded X-type bits, which connect with threaded drill rods by threads to transfer impact power and rotation torque for breaking rocks. The threaded bladed bits, working with hydraulic drill rigs and hydraulic jumbos, have main threads of R25,R28,R3212,R38,T38,T45 and T51, which are widely used in open-pit mining, underground mining, tunneling, anchoring, furnace tapping, tunnel construction, hydropower projects, quarrying and construction.

Reaming bits are also known as pilot reaming bits, which are used for drilling central holes in tunneling. The reaming bits are divided in to an integral type and a split type. The split reaming bits are composed of pilot adapters and reaming bits.